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Our Services

Here are some of the services CPG can provide:

Project Management:

Our team can execute all of the product management activities, including scheduling, tracking deliverables, maintaining budgets, creating content or assigning work to knowledge experts, quality control, indexing, markup, and permissions managementistock_000004008739xsmall.jpg.

Content Creation:

CPG has an expert team of writers and content developers to handle almost any project. Books, web pages, white papers, reports, conference proceedings, articles, you name it, we’ve likely done it before. And if we don’t have the resources in-house to address your needs, we have access to a pool of professional writers and subject-matter experts to tap into as necessary.

Copy Editing and Proofreading:

Our team is meticulous when it comes to editing and proofing your content. We are fully versed in the principal style guides—CMS, MLA, AP, and APA—and can edit in Word files or structured documents, such as XML or HTML. You can trust that your project will be completed in an accurate and professional manner.


For back-of-book indices, CPG uses top-tier indexing software and can readily handle single- or multivolume titles. Scholarly, reference, trade, or even technical publications, our indexing experts have done them all. Per customer specs, index files can be produced typesetter-ready, marked up as XML or SGML or with your own markup tags, or even as camera-ready pages.

New Product Development:

CPG can handle such steps as building prototypes and determining “proof of concept” for new products. We can also provide assessments for new product concepts that identify areas in the production cycle where requirements and specifications are most at risk, so you can resolve problems before they occur.

Rights Management:

Our team of copyright specialists can provide copyright research and rights clearance for third-party content, freeing publishers or authors of one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks in the publishing cycle.